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Webitel is a scalable, distributed, cloud-based VoIP telephony platform.

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Webitel is designed to handle anything from small offices to big contact centers with CRM integration. Webitel is based on the best open source applications including Docker, FreeSWITCH, Node.js, MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Kibana.

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Cloud PBX

A virtual PBX is the modern alternative to costly, clunky PBX equipment that is tied to one location. Unite your whole company with a virtual PBX in the cloud.

Virtual Contact Center

The flexible architecture of the Webitel allows you to integrate your headquarters, remote offices, and outsourced locations in to a virtual multichannel call center.


Audio and Video Playback

Play pre-recorded voice prompts, video and music. You can playback videos, overlaying logos or images into a call.

Audio and Video Recording

Record all audio and video calls. Webitel supports video and audio live stream, record calls to an audio or video file.

Automatic Call Distribution

Build intelligent hold experiences for callers. Webitel transfers incoming calls to queue agents where the caller must wait for the agent to answer. The agent knows beforehand who is calling and can pull up the customer's account in a CRM.


Webitel provides both audio and video conference bridge service. The voice channels and the conference bridge can operate in mono, stereo, with or without video and different rates. Webitel supports multipoint video conference call out of the box.


Webitel advanced call routing made available for orchestrating interactions within CRM or Support workflows.


Embed WebRTC-powered voice and video calling into your web interface with a simple JavaScript library. Webitel supports WebRTC to offer the best voice and video quality.

SIP Interface

Run Webitel with existing voice infrastructure. Success stories include Avaya, Cisco CU, Audiocodes, Yealink and other.

CRM Integration

JSON API and REST API: Webitel offer convenient API access via HTTP for call control. With intuitive naming and adherence to the REST object model and verbs, it is simple to integrate communications with existing business logic. Works with bpm'online out of the box.


Call detail records stored in the MongoDB and indexed into the Elasticsearch. The Kibana allows you to interact with CDR through stunning, powerful graphics that can be combined into custom dashboards that help you share insights from your data far and wide.

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